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Meet Our Illustrators

We are proud to represent award-winning and up-and-coming artists from all over the world. Whether they are working hard on their own books or creating illustrations for others work, we are in constant awe of their imaginations and talent. 

It is our pleasure to introduce you to a few of them. 

Sandra G. Anderson

Sandra G. Anderson is a children’s book creator. She writes, she draws—she’s the whole enchilada! Her illustrations are rendered in ink and watercolor, bringing the page alive with engaging character designs, vibrant colors and a dash of whimsy. Pair those with her stories and it’s pure magic.

At this point in her adventure, Sandra is living in beautiful northern California with her husband, two daughters, Gloria Gecko, and Cupcake the Snake.

Twitter: @MrsAnderson1267

Instagram: @sandra.illustrates


Represented by Lynnette Novak

Thornton Blease

Thornton Blease wants to live in a world where horses, dragons, and mermaids roam free, and everyone can reach their fullest potential.

As a teen, Thornton has won 26 gold keys and three National titles from Scholastic's Teen Art and Writing Awards and has been published in Scholastic's Teens' Best Writing. As a young adult, he is a judge for the same awards.

He has a BA from Sarah Lawrence and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from The New School.

Conferences allow him to travel the country to hone his craft and encourage children, especially those with (dis)abilities to read and write. Thornton is a proud and active member of the SCBWI. 12X12 and GLVWG. He has also attended the competitive Southampton Children's Literature Conference, VCFA Writing for Young Peoples Retreat and Highlights.

Thornton has been published in Scholastic's Teens' Best Writing, The Underground, River of Words, Rewriting the Past Anthology, and CSA Journals.

Growing up in rural Stewartsville, NJ, Thornton jokes about being born in an animal hospital/shelter. Not quite. But he has learned about love, devotion, sorrow, and cruelty from his experiences at the clinic. He lives with his rescue cats, dogs, horse, and donkeys.





(Represented by Joyce Sweeney)

Leah Blount

Leah Grace Blount is an illustrator located in Massachusetts, with a love for kidlit and fantasy fiction. She is particularly fond of both illustrating and reading stories filled with imagination and whimsy. Leah was born and raised on Nantucket, a small island thirty miles off the coast of Massachusetts. She is the daughter of a commercial fisherman and a seamstress, and is the youngest of seven children. She started her art career at around eighteen months old in her highchair, and hasn’t stopped drawing since. Leah is constantly expanding her skillset and loves learning new techniques. She is represented by Lynnette Novak at The Seymour Agency.




Facebook Artist Page:

Jason Chatfield

Jason Chatfield is Australia’s most widely syndicated cartoonist, producing the iconic comic strip Ginger Meggs which is syndicated daily in over 30 countries through Andrews McMeel Syndication. Ginger Meggs has been running since 1921, making it one of the longest-running comic strips in history, and celebrates its 100th year this year.

Based in New York, Chatfield is the current President of the National Cartoonists’ Society (Est. 1946) and is a past President of the Australian Cartoonists Association (Est. 1924). His cartoons appear regularly in The New Yorker, Wired, Esquire, Variety and MAD Magazine along with other international publications.

His work has been exhibited in France, the UK, Australia, and all over the United States.

He has been illustrated several books published through Harper Collins, Penguin Random House and Scribe Media.


Twitter: @jason_chatfield

Facebook: @jasonchatfieldcartoonist

Instagram: @jasonchatfield

(Represented by Nicole Resciniti)

Diana Ting Delosh

Diana Ting Delosh is an illustrator/writer. Diana contracted the art bug at the age of two when she nibbled her way through her first box of crayons and she is still happily doodling away. Her art is a combination of traditional techniques and some digital magic. She loves drawing animals both dressed and naked and anything nature and kid friendly.

Diana is a member of the SCBWI, 12x12 and is the co-president of CBIG, a New York City area Children’s Book Illustrators Group. Her whimsical illustrations have appeared on greeting cards, educational and children’s books. She received the Highlights High Five Pewter Plate for Puzzle Poem of the Year in 2008 and the SCBWI Magazine Merit Honor Award for Illustration in 2002.

Currently, She lives with her husband in a sleepy suburb, that’s not too long a train ride away from NYC. Where you may find her working on her craft in her studio. Diana believes in always evolving creatively as both an illustrator and a writer. No rest for the creative.


Twitter and Instagram handles: @dtdelosh

(Represented by Lynnette Novak)

Tamara DeStefano

Creatively speaking, Tamara DeStefano is a jack of many trades. She began writing early in life, winning numerous illustrated poetry and short story contests. Then in her twenties she penned her first romances.  Along with writing novels set in contemporary, historical and even futuristic settings she has used her talents to expand further into the art world.

An accomplished artist, along with illustrating her own picture books, Tamara uses her vivid imagination, and an addiction to digital art to create memorable characters and dynamic settings for other children’s book authors and graphic novelists. Her style is always bright, often quirky and explosively colorful. She’s created everything from powerful female superheroes, delicately winged fairies,

and clumsy talking rhinos to paint splat friends and even a little girl dreaming only of building a neighborhood garden. And she would love to create something for you, too!!

Tamara lives in Georgia with her two dogs, too many 2.5 reading glasses to count and way too much acrylic paint.

She’d love a little gentle stalking! 

You can follow her on Instagram @tamaradestefanoart and on Facebook as Tamara LeBlanc

(Represented by Nicole Resciniti and Jennifer Wills)

Sunny Duran

Sunny Duran is an illustrator of children’s books, mother of four kids and keeper of two cats. She grew up in the woods of Northern Michigan along the shores of Lake Superior where she spent many summers freezing in the chilly waters. She currently lives in Maryland where it’s much warmer and everything seems to have Old Bay seasoning on it. She spends her days doodling on her ipad with a cup of cold coffee by her side and a cat on her lap. Creating fun and quirky characters for children's books and middle grade. She’s an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She is also the co-host of the Illo Chat podcast. Where she talks about her journey in children’s book illustration.




(Represented by Lynnette Novak)

Melissa Escobar

Melissa Escobar graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, with an MFA degree in illustration, focusing on children’s books. She has illustrated four educational paint-by-number books for children who are blind. She is now working on writing and illustrating her own stories. She is an active member of SCBWI, was a PBChat mentee in PBChat 2019 and a judge for PBParty in 2021. At any given time, she has at least three dragon, unicorn and dragonfly story ideas happily gamboling in her imagination. Her favorite color is blue, she loves 80’s music and adorable animals. When not working on her projects, she enjoys life in the Bay Area with her husband.

Twitter: @mescobarart

Instagram: @melissaescobarart



(Represented by Joyce Sweeney)

Angelica Friera

Angelica Friera is a Dubai-based Filipino illustrator and animator. They graduated from SAE Institute with a degree in character animation, but they've been writing and drawing for as long as they could remember— creating different characters and stories from whatever inspires them. Whenever they're not doing that, they would be playing video games, listening to music, or thinking about petting dogs!





(Represented by Lynnette Novak)

Annie Hobbs

Starting with extensive doodle study in the margin spaces of math assignments, Annie graduated from California State University, Long Beach holding a BFA in Illustration and a Certification in Bio-Medical Illustration. In 2015, Annie was brought in by Disney Parks & Resorts as a Character Sketch artist and then transferred to the Ink & Paint department within the Disneyana Gallery, where she could be seen hand inking and painting traditional animation cels. Annie has produced licensed art for The Walt Disney Company, Disney Parks & Resorts, Walt Disney Imagineering, Pixar, Tim Burton, and Lucasfilm. When not doodling in her home studio, Annie is most likely to be squishing the face of Lotus, her adorable King Charles Cavalier, eating vegan snacks, and binge watching other artists on youtube.


Instagram: @anniemcbeth

Twitter: @anniemcbeth

Facebook: @theanniemcbeth

TikTok: @anniehobbs

(Represented by Lynnette Novak)

Sharon Holm

illustrator. mother. daughter. sister. wife. friend. blackbelt. animal rescue.

I am a professionally, published children's book illustrator.

I've illustrated 35+ children's books. I am passionate about children's publishing and illustration projects. My wonderfully, whimsical and sweet yet silly and quirky style has evolved over years of illustrating for children.

I believe that once an illustrator, always an illustrator...for every picture tells a story.

I graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Advertising Design. I was an award winning art director in south Florida advertising agencies before relocating to Connecticut. Upon moving I turned my attention to illustrating children's books. In conjunction with Connecticut Parent Teacher Organization I created and implemented a successful literacy/illustrating program for grades 3-5. I most recently relocated back home to Florida.

Illustrating for children and children's books has been my dream come true.

Instagram: @sharon_lane_holm 

 Twitter: @SharonLaneHolm

Facebook business: @sharonlaneholm

(Represented by Lynnette Novak)

Aixa Perez-Prado

Aixa Pérez-Prado is a native of Argentina who immigrated to the United States as a small child. She is a writer, illustrator, translator and professor at Florida International University with a PhD in Social Science and Education. Aixa has lived in Argentina, the U.S., Costa Rica, Morocco and Brazil, and draws inspiration for her stories and illustrations from these diverse locations. Aixa has published two academic books on teaching through critical and creative thinking strategies and created the cover art for both texts. Her current passion is writing and illustrating picture books aimed at giving diverse children a chance to see their multilayered identities represented through stories that resonate with heart and humor. Aixa writes in both Spanish and English and enjoys mixing languages in her prose. Similarly, she loves illustrating by employing different techniques in a whimsical style including watercolor, acrylic, ink, and digital. She especially enjoys combining all of these elements through collage. Aixa has been a finalist in several writing and illustration contests including two honorable mentions in Florida SCBWI’s Rising Kite Contest, and is the KidLit 411 banner illustrator for November 2021. Aixa is represented by Joyce Sweeney.


Twitter: @professoraixa

Instagram: aixasdoodlesandbooks

(Represented by Joyce Sweeney)

Greg Preslicka

Greg Preslicka is an illustrator, author and… Well, he’s not sure. Most of his life has been spent as a graphic designer and illustrator creating artwork for cereal boxes, kid’s activity books, and games. In an effort to get out from behind a computer, he started painting murals. Ten years later, he’s painted nearly 100 murals in community centers, schools, and libraries. On a whim, he and his wife recently entered the world of toy and game inventing after pulling a game out of the closet that he had made for their son. They now have six games licensed and in stores.

Some of his favorite times spent with his five children were reading books. They challenged each other to write and illustrate stories, as well as invent characters. Over the years, Greg has written and illustrated many books for them. He’s excited to now be able to share some of his ideas and stories.


Twitter: @GregPreslicka

Instagram: @gregpreslicka


(Represented by Lynnette Novak)

Morgan Trinkle

My name is Morgan Trinkle, I’m a self-taught artist born in Norton, Virginia, and raised in the hills of Eastern, Kentucky. As a small-town girl, I am drawn to anything outdoors, such as beaches, hiking trails, state parks, and nature drives. I am also a collector of sorts, including teddy bears, books, and makeup. As a little girl, you could always find me with my face in a sketchbook filling the pages with rainbow hues and aimless doodles. The first time I picked up a children’s book I was engulfed in the creative world that was embedded in it’s pages. As I’ve grown, it’s become my passion to give children this same feeling and hopefully one day engulf their beautiful minds in the world that I will illustrate.




(Represented by Lynnette Novak)

Andrea Tripke

Andrea Tripke is a German born children’s book writer and illustrator. In 2003, she moved to the United States and has lived in Michigan, California, Ohio, Alabama and Florida. Her adventurous lifestyle paved the path for a somewhat different career and opened her up to follow the lifelong dream of becoming a professional artist. Andrea got a degree in fine arts, majoring in illustration, from the Columbus College of Art and Design.

She made her debut as a picture book illustrator published by Ripple Grove Press. Excited by working in the children’s book industry and the thought of leaving a footprint behind through her books, she got hooked. She wanted to do more, and while working on a project, Andrea became inspired with the idea to write and illustrate her own stories.

Growing up ecologically aware, Andrea often but not always includes environmental problems in her otherwise fictional and mostly humorous picture book stories.

She lives with her husband, daughter and very stubborn Lhasa Apso Frankie in Melbourne, Florida. Andrea loves the sun and beaches, and might stay there forever… But then, you never know.








(Represented by Joyce Sweeney and Marisa Cleveland)

Michele Ziemke

Michele Ziemke is an author, artist, and optimist. She won her students' hearts with hugs and humor for over 25 years. She was recognized as an educational visionary in the creation of the Great Lakes Performing and Visual Arts Academy, and honoured with the new Michele Ziemke Student Art Gallery! Her degree in Art Education and a Masters in Educational Administration are from Bowling Green State University. Retired, Michele brings that same heart and humor to her picture books. She is also passionate about interior design, tailoring, theater, and chocolate covered peanuts.

Michele is an active member of SCBWI and Julie Hedland’s 12x12 Challenge. Proud finalist of the #PBParty and #Fall Writing Frenzy competition in 2019 & 2020. Michele resides in Northern Ohio, and Manitoulin Island in Canada with her husband and fluffy labradoodle, while sprinkling her time among twelve grandchildren!


Twitter and Instagram:


(Represented by Joyce Sweeney)